Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bake Sale Fundrasing for the Japanese - Part 2

After much success at the bake sale, I was in charge of purchasing stationary supplies and packaging it for the children in Japan. It was extremely stressful as I learned that it involved more than just purchasing and packing the supplies into gift sets. I had to plan ahead and made several trips to different store to compare prices. I wanted to make sure each gift sets will make a difference in every children’s life.

Bake Sale Fundrasing for the Japanese
Carrying 100+ felts/markers home by bus...... XD

Bake Sale Fundrasing for the JapaneseDSC05252


Each gift set contains: a cute soft toy, 3 pencils, a pen, a sharpener, a notepad, a set of 6 felt/maker, 2 erasers, a Canadian pin and 2 Maple Nougat candies. In the course of my many trips to the supplies stores, I have developed strong organizational, managerial, and problem-solving skills. At first, I was able to make 60 gift sets; but, after making several trips and comparing prices, I was able to bring the number of gifts sets to 105. WOW!!! Big difference eh?

Bake Sale Fundrasing for the Japanese

Bake Sale Fundrasing for the Japanese

All 105 gift sets ready to be sent~

Bake Sale Fundrasing for the Japanese

On the whole, my service learning has certainly been a turning point in my life. I am very thankful that I have opened my eyes by taking this opportunity as a guide to help those who are in need. Furthermore, I have learned that a small contribution is never too small… … what counts is the effort. If everyone is willing to take a small step to make a difference, this world would be a wonderful one. Therefore, paying it forward isn’t as hard as you think. In the near future, I want to volunteer in the Tohoku region. I know there is plenty of work that needs to be done in the Tohoku area; hence, I want to give a helping help to those who are in need – even if it is a smile. My ongoing service learning goal: to make a difference in everyone’s life, no matter how small it is.


Four weeks after I send the gift sets, I received an email from a local Iwate volunteer stating how thankful they are! The children LOVE the gift sets! My heart melted~

Bake Sale Fundrasing for the Japanese

Cute eh?

Bake Sale Fundrasing for the Japanese

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