Monday, June 20, 2011

[I Bean] New Project!

I've recently started a new project! Don't they look cute? I'll call it a DIY puzzle bean toy-ish. After much research, they are called "Perler Beads"......They are made out of plastic and each bean are about 0.5 cm long. Like a puzzle, I piece each bean together to make a picture. Once done, I heat them and da-ta....they are joined together. It's really hard to explain what these are....but they are no harm to anyone! =)

1)| Design
2)| Fuse
3)| Ready to be use!

I've made a few of them into key chains. And I have to say, they sure look cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minnie Mouse with a Mickey Mouse key ring findings!
Mickey Mouse Key Rings can be purchase here

Mickey Mouse



Hearts & Keyboard

Hearts & Keyboard

Game Boy with Star
key ring findings! Silver Star Shape Key Rings can be purchase here
Game Boy

Ain't they cute???



  1. Hi,
    I like that star-shaped key ring! Will you have a few of those available during MiniComi? ^_^

  2. I can bring those to MiniComi if you want . I only sell them in a set of 10.
    Let me know ahead of time if you want to get those! =)