Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[Review] Decollage Crystal Clear Whipped Cream

Hello guys, today, i'll be doing my very first review post!!!
I'm a newbie at doing review....please forgive me for bad description, etc =)
I'll try my best to get better!

I'll be doing a review on Decollage Crystal Clear Whipped Cream!

I've always wanted to use the crystal clear whipped cream but never get the chance to use it. It has been sitting in my little craft box for months!


For every 50g Crystal Clear Whipped Cream, it comes with a 6 star tip.

It is actually very EASY to use! Just remove the cap from the tube and attach your 6 star tip! When done, it can be save for later usage! as simple as that!

And, I decided to use some clear whipped cream for my cookies......

yes, I know it looks bad.....

However, I was actually very surprise how fast it dried up - less than a day!

Oh yeah, just to let you guys know that this is actually a "Silicon" whipped cream.

Overall Rating:

  • It dries up fast
  • very handy to use
  • easy to use

  • very pricey (1785 yen)
  • comes in a small amount (50g)

Hope you will like this review!!!


1 comment:

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