Friday, June 17, 2011


Sorry for not blogging as often. I've been really busy with work. =(

Anyways, here are some of the new kreations I've made so far!
Each plastic plate is hand glued by me with a 4 cm silver plated metal bar pin back brooch.
These cute brooch are remake by me with LOVE, CARE & PASSION.

3-D Loving Bird Nest/ Minnie Mouse Kawaii Brooch

♥ Loving Bird Nest measures about 5cm X 6 cm

♥ Minnie Mouse Brooch measures about 6 cm X 4 cm.

Bath Time Theme Set Brooch

♥ Bathtub Brooch (left side of picture) measures about 4 cm X 2 cm

♥ Duck Brooch measures about 4 cm X 3 cm.

Sheriff Theme Set Brooch

♥ Sheriff Brooch (left side of picture) measures about 3.2cm X 3.5 cm

♥ Sheriff Uniform Brooch measures about 4.5 cm X 2.5 cm.

3-D Pirate Cow/ Fishing Squid Kawaii Brooch

♥ Pirate Cow measures about 5.5cm X 3.5 cm

♥ Fishing Squid Brooch measures about 5.5 cm X 5 cm.


Back of the Brooch

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