Thursday, October 13, 2011

[Review] Modena Clay

Hello everyone! こんばんは☆

Kaoru is back!!! =) I am still alive!!!
Today I will be doing my second clay review!!!! yeah!!! finally......
Has anyone read my first Daiso clay review yet????

The Modena clay is known for its highest quality resin clay (as written in Japanese on the front).

[Review] Modena Clay

[Review] Modena Clay

Basic Product Info :
- I bough mine for about $14.00 Canadian dollars + shipping.
- Made in Japan
- 800g

[Review] Modena Clay

The clay are wrap to keep its freshness.

[Review] Modena Clay
You get about 800g of Modena Clay

[Review] Modena Clay

Modena, I find, is a opaque clay, but it can be quite translucent depending on its thickness - usually at 2-5 mm thick.

[Review] Modena Clay

[Review] Modena Clay

I mix it with a Grace Clay to see how well it actually mix.

[Review] Modena Clay

To my surprise, it does! Very well! totally love working with Modena clay! It doesn't stick to your hands too.

[Review] Modena Clay

Compare to the other clays I have used (ie: Daiso Clay, Grace...etc), Modena has the most workable texture. It work really well with my hands - doesn't stick to my hands. It works really well with making miniatures. 

[Review] Modena Clay
I like the the fact that it comes with a plastic wrap so that you can keep the clay's freshness when not in use.

Overall Rating:

- Water proof after dry
- very EASY to work with
- mix very well with other clays
- works well with acrylic paint
-  pick up details very well

- VERY PRICY! 1,050 (US$13.63) + shipment 
- not easy to purchase; I purchase mine from Japan =/

Hope you will like this review!!!



  1. Would love to see what the clay looks like once you make something. Clay always looks different as a finished product

  2. By the way, did adding water to your clay works?

  3. Oh my goodness!! This stuff is sooo hard to come by and since Decoden is such a growing trend over here the west it sucks we can't get the good stuff! I dunno if y'all have a Hobby Lobby but I wrote to mine and they gave my ideas to the person in charge of buying clay. I think if we can get enough people to demand their craft stores to buy this stuff we'd be super happy! :)

  4. @ Elizabeth,

    Yea, it sucks how we cant get it in the west! We dont have Hobby Lobby in Canada. I wish they do!
    Did the person manage to get Modena clay at your place?